The perfect salon experience: creating a gender fluid space

Published 01st Apr 2023 by charlottegw

Woolf Kings X, the latest offering from esteemed session hairdresser Joe Mills, brings together present-day individualism and Bloomsbury Group heritage.

Woolf Kings X is neither a barbershop, nor a hairdressers. It doesn’t deliver men’s haircuts or women’s hairstyles, rather the emphasis is on selected stylists giving the best look for each individual, how they might see themselves and how they want to be seen. As such, the interior of the space has to work hard to reflect this sense of openness.

“Woolf Kings X offers an exclusive feel in an inclusive space with a new way of working and pricing,” explains Joe Mills. “We’re embracing change. Woolf is a cosmopolitan hair salon in a cosmopolitan place and, like the local area, Woolf embraces all styles, moods, cultures and choices, defying a simple description.”

The salon is covered in beautiful patterned tiles, and Takara Belmont's black Cadilla and white Dainty chairs give an air of old-school sophistication. White metro tiles line the walls in the styling area, and exposed pipes in the backwash area bring an element of industrial chic to the overall look and feel. The name Woolf is a nod to the writers, authors and painters of the Bloomsbury set (which included its namesake author Virginia Woolf), and just like them the salon is designed to be creative, inclusive and unique. Joe loved the history behind the store and told us how the shop was originally a J. Sainsburys in 1907, so the team have acknowledged the Edwardian styling in the choice of tiles and light fittings.

Speaking of the fit out, it sounds like a mammoth project achieved under tight time constraints. “We undertook a full refurbishment of two floors and over 2750 sq ft, we did this in four weeks over Christmas – which was a challenge!” Joe reminisces. “The hardest part was the plumbing of 14 Takara Belmont Majolica Porto backwash basins and how we could make the space work best.” There is a separate backwash area for the clients who have technical services with three backwash sections. In the main salon space, there are 10 Takara Belmont backwash sinks in front of the cutting chairs. “There are also basins in the studio downstairs, so we have a lot of options,” he adds. “We have used Takara Belmont furniture in all our shop designs over the years, it’s a brand that I really like and the designs all work really well for us.”

When asked what Joe looks for in salon furniture he cited a timeless design, practicality and how the pieces feel in the space – it just so happens that the furniture chosen reflects the old-school charm of the Kings Cross space. Woolf Kings X crosses multiple boundaries and appeals to a broad range of tastes, for every type of client.

Recreate the Look

Dainty grooming chair

Dainty’s sleek design, 360º (lockable) base rotation and reclining backrest make it ideally suited to hair salons and barbers. Adjustable and removable headrests, padded armrests and footrest ensure complete comfort. Salons can tailor Dainty to their interior design from a wide range of upholstery colours, custom options and bases. £1,360-£1,770

takara belmont dainty

Cadilla BW chair

With three versions - Cadilla (styling chair), Cadilla M (multi-purpose) and Cadilla BW (backwash) - salons can achieve design and service continuity from the salon floor to the backwash. Cadilla’s classic design and gender neutral appeal inspires salons around the world. £1,635-£1,715

takara belmont cadilla

All Takara Belmont products are available with 0%, zero deposit Finance Lease.

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Published 01st Apr 2023

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