The oval layer haircut is set to take salons by storm

Published 24th Jan 2023 by Chlo Weldon
The oval layer haircut is set to take salons by storm

2022 saw the return of 90s trends including the Rachel, the shag cut, and the wolf cut taking salons by storm. This year, the Oval Layer haircut is set to do the same. HJ spoke to the experts about the hairstyle that’s trending right now…

What is the Oval Layer haircut?

The Oval Layer haircut is a hairstyle that’s been around for a long time but has recently become more on trend through the power of social media and popularity amongst celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Meghann Fahy in The White Lotus. “Taking inspiration from the much-loved layered look, which was sported throughout the 90s, this cut is more structured,” says Darrel Starkey, Taylor’s Hair Studio. “The layers are much more defined, with each section of the hair appearing ‘short to long’ from the face to the back of the head. The addition of face framing bangs and the hair styled with a slight curve gives the illusion of the oval look.”

You may think with the ‘Oval Layer’ name, this look is more suited towards clients with an oval face shape, however, this is another style that can be tailored to all face shapes. “Each layer can be tailored to suit the shape of the face, along with the bangs,” explains Darrel. “When it comes to texture, this style is best suited to those who have fairly smooth hair in order to maintain the shape.”

Creating the cut

When creating this style, it’s all about the layers, so how exactly do you master the technique? “You want to stagger the layers as you cut, to create the separate sections of the hair. So, working section by section and adjusting the length to fit with the look will help you create this gorgeous trend,” says Paul Watts, JOICO European Design Team. “But be careful not to make the layers too disconnected – this can create a very different look!”

Smooth Styling

To maintain emphasis on the layers and overall shape of this look, Paul tells us: “You want to opt for a smooth yet voluminous blow-dry. I would recommend prepping the hair with a mousse, and working this into the roots to add some lift. Next, using a large barrel brush, focus heat at the roots and lift the hair up and towards the front of the face, giving the slight bend required. Getting the shape right is vital when creating the illusion of the oval.”

How can clients maintain the cut?

It’s important to advise your client on the maintenance after creating the Oval Layer haircut. “It’s important to book clients in for regular trims, around 6-8 weeks to keep the shape,” advises Paul. “I would always stress the importance of ensuring the hair is filled with moisture and protected against heat as the ends are very much ‘on show’ and therefore need to be kept as hydrated as possible and protected against the elements.”

Will your clients be fighting over a chair to sport this trend? We have a strong feeling they will! Speaking of layers, have you seen the chopped bob?
Chlo Weldon

Chlo Weldon

Published 24th Jan 2023

Chlo writes regular content for the print magazine and website, as well as scheduling the content for HJ’s social media channels. Chlo has a master’s degree in Magazine Journalism and previously worked as Assistant Editor at craft magazine Tattered Lace. After moving to London from her small hometown to be part of the HJ team, she is loving every minute of being involved in the industry. She loves a good treatment and is on a mission for a longer and thicker mane.

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