The medium wolf cut – what makes it different?

Published 17th Aug 2022 by chloe
The medium wolf cut – what makes it different? We’re all familiar with the infamous wolf cut (the modern hybrid of the shag and the mullet), but what’s the medium wolf cut and how is it different?

The medium wolf cut

What’s the difference?

“The traditional wolf cut is typically shoulder-skimming in length with disconnected, shorter layers and a sweeping bang,” explained Katie Allan, founder of MAYFIVE Hair. “Whereas, the medium wolf cut will sit more on the collarbone, or below, with stronger disconnected layers.” medium wolf cut danielle macron The medium wolf cut is the perfect cut for those that prefer a slightly longer length than the classic wolf cut entails. It can provide easy layering, weight removal and shape around the face with a less drastic transformation. “Plus, if you’re a wash and go kind of person, then it’s a winner for you!” added hairstylist Thom Robb. “This cut is also attractive as it can maximise the otherwise ‘awkward’ grow-out phase of a lob, pixie or mixie,” said Michelle Brace, founder of Life in the Blonde Lane. “It’s low maintenance and gender fluid making it an effortless hit with Gen Z.” billie eilish hair

Two ways to cut a medium wolf cut

Thom told us: “This type of cut, to me, is about perimeter and personalisation. I like to go about cutting a medium wolf cut by focusing on the perimeter of the hair cut first. Setting in where the hair will fall around the shoulders, face, and back then bringing everything else to meet this guideline.

This means you can retain length at the back of the head if desired, whilst creating lots of flow from around the face and body at the crown area.

I’d then personalise the style by texturising the internal areas of the hair for a bespoke result for the client. Throwing in an undercut to add in the mullet-esque aesthetic is a solid winner too!

You can finish the look by diffusing the hair into place for a lived-in, undone feel. Or, blow-dry and flick out with straighteners or a larger tong to create a smoother, cool, edgy look.” Alternatively, Katie said: “I take a zig-zag section around the occipital bone and isolate this out as your length. Next, I separate the hair into pivotal sections from the crown, and using my razor I slice the hair from the crown down in a concave manner. I then release the underneath lower section, cut the base using the razor and slice the ends with a concave layer also to give the best texture.” The medium wolf cut – yet another classic style adapted to suit another type of client. Have you tried this one yet?


Published 17th Aug 2022

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