The golden rules for styling bridesmaid's hair

Published 05th May 2018 by akesha
The golden rules for styling bridesmaid's hair With so many things to plan, it can be common for the bride to leave it until the last minute to decide how her bridesmaids should wear their hair. Anna Sorbie, bridal hair and beauty specialist, reveals how with some careful planning and preparation and by following her three golden rules, the way the bridesmaids wear their hair can play an important role on the big day.

The perfect match

With the bride’s style the main focus, it can be easy for the bridesmaids’ hairstyles to become an afterthought, however it’s important to bear in mind that the way they wear their hair can complement the bride’s own style. If the bridesmaids are the first to walk down the aisle, they will be setting the tone for when the bride enters the room. The bridesmaids’ styles should be part of the same ‘theme’ as the bride’s own style, in the same way that their dresses should be in a similar style to the wedding dress. Contrast the bridesmaids’ style with that of the bride, but keep the overall idea the same. For example, if the bride is wearing her hair in a stunning oversized fishtail braid worn to one side, then the bridesmaids could wear their hair loose and down, with just one small scalp plait braided in to one side.

Find a style and tweak it

It can be tempting to give all the bridesmaids the same style, however it’s worth remembering that a bride often has a handful of adult bridesmaids of different ages, with different face shapes, different types of hair and very different personal tastes. Find a simple style that can be tweaked to suit each bridesmaid. Keep the style simple, so that it can be adapted. For example, if you chose a relaxed top-knot, you would then adjust it slightly to make it suit all the face shapes and hair types. A bridesmaid with a round face would benefit from a top-knot with a lot of volume and height at the roots. A bridesmaid with a square face shape should wear their top-knot with a few loose waves around the face, to soften the jawline.

Remember you can’t please everyone

While it’s important to make sure the bridesmaids wear their hair in a way that is complementary to each of them, it is important to remember that not every bridesmaid will be 100% happy with their style. Making every effort to ensure that the style has been tweaked to suit each individual face shape and style is essential, but don’t pander to every personal whim. This is especially important if there are several bridesmaids to please. Speaking of bridesmaid hairstyles, have you seen these super sweet styles to try?


Published 05th May 2018

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