The ginger wolf cuts we love

Published 21st Jul 2022 by charlottegw
The ginger wolf cuts we love
Effortlessly combining the shag and the mullet, the Wolf Cut trend is still going strong for summer – and one colourway we're particularly in love with is the ginger wolf cut. Whether it's leaning more towards copper, red or orange – the hair colour is beautiful when paired with the shaggy, tousled cut.

What's a Wolf Cut?

To recap: a Wolf Cut originates from Korea, and the look quickly went internationally viral and has since been adopted by Gen Z particularly on TikTok. It has receiving over 1.5 billion views as of 21 July 2022. It can be worn long, short, coloured or natural but the defining features are soft edges, messy styling and lots and lots of movement. Check out our article on how to style it... Here are four ginger wolf cuts we love.  

The Copper Wolf Cut

Warm, bold and a little bit wild. Just like the name suggests. Not Another Salon suggests using Crazy Color’s Semi Permanent shades in Orange and Fire for a super vibrant, orange-toned look, or mixing in a few drops of Vermillion Red for a more earthy, red-toned look.

copper ginger wolf cut not another salon


The Auburn Wolf Cut

This wolf cut, as worn by photographer Juliana Pedroso, @juvpedroso is a lovely, soft auburn shade. ginger wolf cut

The Ginger Wolf Cut

This very natural-looking ginger wolf cut comes from Indra Rengers, owner of @tourmaline.waalre a salon in Waalre, Netherlands. ginger wolf cut

The Muted Peach Wolf Cut

This gorgeous shot courtesy of the HAIRDOTCOM team ticks all the boxes for this cool Gen Z style – it's muted peach tone is super on-trend, it's perfectly tousled and it's got a little root to boot. ginger wolf cut hairdotcom


Published 21st Jul 2022

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