The Collinge Family: A Hairdressing History

Published 15th Aug 2011 by hjiadmin
The Collinge Family: A Hairdressing History

The Collinge family have been hairdressing for more than 100 years; here we take a look back at their illustrious history over three generations.

Andrew Collinge Hairdressing is a company steeped in history, dating back to 1910 when Andrew's grandfather, Wilfred, began his career as a trainee barber, before joining the merchant navy, sailing out of Liverpool on the SS Apapa. Both hairdressing and the merchant navy remained family traditions, with Andrew's father Peter also taking to the seas on a liner which had been commissioned by the navy as a troop carrier in 1945. While on-board, Peter perfected his hairdressing skills styling the hair of Wrens and other servicewomen returning home to far-flung countries.

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When the liner was converted back to its former glory in the post-war years, Peter stayed on, and his clients went from servicewomen to the wealthy and the beautiful - including stars such as Elizabeth Taylor.

The first Peter Collinge salon opened in Liverpool in 1951, with wife Hazel - a regular model for Peter during his time on the competition circuit - on reception, and Peter was soon in constant demand. With the 1960s seeing the arrival of the Beatles and the club scene, Liverpool became one of the most exciting cities in the world. With his finger on the pulse, Peter opened more salons, while continuing to share his talents at shows and seminars around the world. 

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In 1974, he established Peter Collinge Training, and over the years thousands of young stylists have been trained either by Peter or tutors who trained with the company. In the early 1980s Peter opened a number of graduate salons, specifically for recently qualified stylists and those still in training to develop their skills.

While today the company trades under the name Andrew Collinge Hairdressing - under the direction of Andrew, wife Liz and sister Sarah - Peter still keeps a watchful eye on proceedings as company chairman. In 2009 his achievements were recognised by the Fellowship for British Hairdressing with the presentation of a prestigious Gold Medal.

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As the Andrew Collinge Hairdressing brand continues to expand, maintaining continuity across the group will be a major challenge. "This takes a lot of hard work and our induction process and on-going training will be key," says Andrew. "Our managers all have a manual which gives them guidelines in customer care, and continuing education keeps hairdressing standards high."

Between them, the Collinges should have no problem maintaining the standards that have become integral to the business - after all they've been doing it for more than a century.

1910 Wilfred Collinge starts as a trainee barber

1945 Peter Collinge becomes a hairdresser on a troop carrier

1948 Peter joins the family hairdressing business in Liverpool

1950 Peter joins the Fellowship for British Hairdressing

1951 Peter opens the first Peter Collinge salon in Liverpool

1974 Peter Collinge Training is established and Andrew Collinge begins his apprenticeship

1982 Andrew rejoins the family business after a spell working at MichaelJohn in London

1987 Andrew enters HJ's British Hairdressing Awards Hall of Fame after winning his third consecutive regional award.

1993 Andrew wins HJ's British Hairdresser of the Year

1997 Andrew is named HJ's British Hairdresser of the Year for a second time

2005 Andrew Collinge flagship salon opens on Castle Street in Liverpool

2009 Andrew Collinge Graduates Salon opens



Published 15th Aug 2011

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