The big debate: is in-salon training more beneficial than college education?

Published 02nd Jun 2022 by chloe
The big debate: is in-salon training more beneficial than college education? In this big debate, two experts discuss the best route to enter the profession. Is in-salon training more beneficial than college education?

The Big Debate


the big debate in-salon vs college education Brooke Evans, BE Ironbridge I always prefer to take on apprentices straight from school with no previous salon experience, teaching apprentices from scratch gives me the opportunity to teach how we work in the salon. Taking on apprentices from school also means that they haven’t picked up any bad habits. It’s a great opportunity to teach them my ethics, how we like the salon to run, point of contact, meet and greet and then the technical side of things.
Methods and techniques are always changing, and in the salon, we can keep on top of these and bring them into our training.
It’s also hugely rewarding for me, as a salon owner, to be able to train young people who are new to the industry and help them succeed in their career. Training them in a salon allows me to offer a more personal experience. We can work to their strengths or weaknesses. If they are struggling with something, we have the flexibility to be able to spend more time on this area until they feel confident. We can take the training at a pace which suits both the apprentice and the salon. I’ve had stylists that have started with me as a Saturday assistant but being in the salon environment allows them to build up relationships with not only the salon team, but also our clients and they then become an integral part of our team.


sarah seaman big debate HJ Sarah Seaman, general manager at ABLE (Andrew Barton London Education) and academy principal at Westrow Throughout my career, I have delivered and received both college and salon-based education. For the last 13 years, I have worked in colleges of further education and for a private training provider. Personally, I see the benefits of all training. All institutions have something to offer and it depends on the expectations and requirements of the student. There is no taking away from the valuable first-hand experience that being in a salon can bring, but in an education environment, learning can be more focused and structured. While some will flourish within the salon environment, others may find it overwhelming at 16.

Learning within a college or independent training provider ensures that all elements of the curriculum are covered and allows the time to work on fundamental skills.

Colleges and training providers also have access to funds which can support students with additional needs and they have the budget to bring in external representatives to enrich the curriculum. Many colleges and training providers are now working closely with experts from the industry like ABLE, to ensure their students receive an all-round view and are fully prepared for the industry. Which side of this big debate are you on? Taking this discussion further, here some of the industry's leading stylists discuss whether in-salon, college or academy training is best...


Published 02nd Jun 2022

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