The 1990s fringe your next clients will be asking for

Published 31st Jul 2020 by hjiadmin
The 1990s fringe your next clients will be asking for As the rise of nostalgic hair continues, the wispy fringe as seen onscreen in the late 1990s and early noughties in shows like Sex and the City and Friends is making a comeback. The style is on the rise thanks to women who chose to DIY this look for a lockdown hair transformation, including our favourite celebrities. No doubt you'll have clients who are wise enough to ask for professional help to recreate this trend so keep reading for some tips. In its heyday, this fringe was...
  • low density
  • eyelash skimming length
  • bumped under
The look was very accessible and appealed to women of all ages with younger stars such as Britney Spears and Hilary Duff as Lizzie Mcguire also adopting the look.

The nostalgic 1990s fringe has had a slight update

The length remains the same.  As a result the fringe can easily be pushed back to blend into the rest of the hair for days when clients want to switch it up. The 2020 version has less volume and is slightly more dense however remains piecey, retaining that see-through effect. Cos Sakkas, international creative director at TONI & GUY is a fan of the 1990s look. He commented "This fringe is ideal for younger clients for a Rosalia vibe as it sits below the eyebrows giving it a youthful, fun and quirky finish. Rosalia cut her fringe herself during lockdown and it’s more peek-a-boo than bold and blunt, and gives some interest to her otherwise long layered look. Less is definitely more when it comes to 90s fringes; while a fringe should make a statement it also needs to highlight the face shape and mirror the wearer’s personality and ultimately, make their face the centre of attention.”
Noel Halligan of NOCO Hair, Bristol is another industry voice onboard with this trend. "What I really like about it is the wearability. Fringes are an amazing way to enhance the best features of a person. It can really enhance the eyes colour. Bella's fringe is lovely and soft enhancing her eyes and cheekbones. This would suit hair that was naturally smooth or hair that has had the cuticle flattened with a heated styler. To style this I would use Eleven Australia Miracle Hair treatment to keep the hair natural and finish with the Eleven Australia Make Me Shine Gloss Spray.” Don't be afraid to use this trend to inject some life into curly dos too. As Selena Gomez shows, this 90s fringe looks good on a curly texture where frizz is minimal. Just remember to keep it light when sectioning the hair.

Not sure if it's the right look for a client?

Noel shared his tips on how to tell if this cut will work for your client's look. "When deciding on a fringe it is important to take the proportions of a face into consideration. If the eyes are smaller you can use a fringe to enhance them and really make them stand out. If somebody has a small forehead you may want to avoid a fringe altogether. Opt for a style that gives height and stretches out the look of the face by sweeping the hair back off the face. For a large forehead you need to be careful that it doesn't look like a dreaded combover. Should it have enough weight though it could be a great way to hide it and enhance the eyes."
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Published 31st Jul 2020

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