Summer 2023's Hottest Hair Trends, According to the Experts

Published 21st Apr 2023 by poppyjames

These are summer 2023's hottest hair trends and how to execute them, according to the stylists at London salon group Live True London. As bursts of sunshine start to get us in the summer mood, now is the perfect time to get inspired. The team at Live True London told us the cuts, colours and treatments they predict will be dominating this summer in salons. Blondes, C-shaped layers and petal pinks are all expected to be the most in-demand looks as the weather warms up.

The Top 4 Summer 2023 Hair Trends

1. Petal Pink

Petal pink summer hair trendsSpring and summer usually means the resurgence of bright shades. Last year saw a rise in rose gold, peach and magenta tones, and this year we’re already seeing a surge in requests for petal pink hair. This gorgeous soft pink shade is a great balance between pastel and bright, with a slightly cooler tone. How to achieve the look:  For low maintenance clients opt for a balayage technique but for more wow factor always go for full head cover or a full head of highlights. This balayage looks even better on curly hair.


2. Liquid Hair

liquid hairWe’re already seeing an emphasis on ultra shiny and glossy locks, and the experts think hair health and shine will be a priority this summer. Whether that looks like a keratin straightening treatment or loading up on Olaplex, we expect to see a focus on getting that ultra shine. “With the summer sun out and the heat rising, our hair might be in need of some extra TLC. Hot weather can dry out the hair, along with extra washing of oilier scalps, dry weather and sun exposure" Moore shares. How to achieve the look:  Make sure to let your clients know if you think a treatment might be ideal for them. It's a great add-on for business and also helps to make their appointment feel a little more luxe.

3. Long and Layered

long and layered summer hair trends As a rule, the team at Live True London advise a longer cut in the summer as this means the hair is able to be tied back in the heat. However, if your client is wanting to scratch that chop-it-all-off itch, advise heavy-duty layers. Shorter layers around the front, the shortest touching their collar bone, means they can fake a short haircut without the commitment and are still able to tie their hair up when it starts warming up. How to achieve the look:  Use the 'C' shape layering technique to give shorter front layers but be careful trying this technique on thinner hair as it can sometimes reduce the weight too much. This look can be great paired with a balayage to give the colour more dimension and movement.  

4. Butter Balayage

butter balayage The butter balayage is a gorgeous buttery blonde shade reminiscent of the ‘expensive blonde’ trend last year. Think warm, golden and buttery tones, dimensional hair with freehand balayage, buttercream highlights and brown sugar lowlights, with an emphasis on hair health and shine. This gorgeous trend can work on all hair types and colours, with a focus on glow. How to achieve the look:  For darker brunettes, focus on warm toned and subtle highlights to add a bronzed, maple syrup drip to natural colour. For blondes, keep it golden or strawberry with warm-toned blondes. Make sure to let your clients know that for darker tones and previously coloured hair, more than one session might be needed to achieve the perfect lift.                       Check out some balayage tips from Jack Howard, here.  



Published 21st Apr 2023

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