Revlon professional ambassador john vial creates elizabethan lfw looks

Published 22nd Jul 2020 by lydiah
John Vial has worked his magic yet again creating stunning avant garde looks to complement Nabil Nayal's designs for their AW virtual London Fashion week show. Nabil was the first protégé from the British Fashion Trust collaboration and Revlon Professional. For this London Fashion week collection he chose a new lens and looked at his previous work through blue-tinted glasses. His influences for the designs include the Elizabethan era and French artist Yves Klein's Blue who inspired Nabil's colour choice. Historically mysterious, blue is often seen as a non-colour in a similar sense to Black and white, therefore making the hue perfect to elevate the monochromatic tones that Nabil often uses.

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The collection communicates Revlon Professional's message, presenting strong and confident womenswear. This bold attitude continues with the hair looks styled by John Vial. John's hair art complements the designs with a more contemporary take on the Elizabethan aesthetic. His use of creative colour and textured mullet-like styling completes the look, creating a strong and unique personality. As the Global influencer for Revlon Professional he said "The hair captures a contemporary Elizabethan vibe, we wanted to reference Nabil's obsession with Elizabethan craftsmanship through the use of pleats and powerful silhouettes contrasting Yves Klein Blue influences, which is Nabil's key hue this season, and white together for a directional silhouette".


Published 22nd Jul 2020

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