Meet the sustainable hair heroes from kms

Published 17th Apr 2023 by charlottegw

It's easier being green with KMS, meet some of their sustainable hair heroes and get you and your clients on a more sustainable path, both in the salon and at home.

The KMS Sustainable Story

KMS is intent on creating products of highest efficacy for all hair types and textures that have a low impact on the environment. Only the highest-quality raw materials are good enough for KMS and every stage of the product life cycle is thought about – from processing to biodegradability. For example, KMS know how precious water resources are, that is why they don't just reduce water content in their formulas, they also innovate on water saving products and minimise water pollution of rinse-out products.

They're all about minimalism when it comes to packaging too. The brand continuously works on reducing the overall amount of packaging material and use more recycled & recyclable components. You might have heard that all KMS products are climate neutral1 - but what does this mean in real terms? Climate neutral means that a product’s carbon emissions have been reduced and unavoidable emissions are compensated to zero with climate protection projects.2 For example, by cooperating with Climate Partner, KMS support a wind farm in northern Morocco that reduces the amount of fossil fuel-based electricity used in the country and that strengthens the role of women in local communities by improving their social and economic situation.

KMS started the Clean Sweep initiative in 2021, which brought in uniform labelling across all of the brand’s digital and physical touch points, from its website to social media channels and marketing materials. The labelling showcases responsible sourcing, mindful water usage, minimalistic and responsible packaging and product and ingredient transparency, all helping to get across the sustainable message to both stylists and their clients. 

kms cleansing mist sustainable competition

Meet the Sustainable Hair Heroes

KMS are always fully transparent when it comes to ingredients, fragrances and allergens, here's just some of their sustainable hair heroes, a little bit about them and the sustainable credentials. kms shop sustainable thermashapeKMS THERMASHAPE Quick Blow Dry Spray (200ml) RRP £18.80 Speeds up drying time by up to 50% Reduces friction when blow-drying Light conditioning

The THERMASHAPE Quick Blow Dry can speed up blow-dry time by up to 50%. Quicker salon blow dries equals less energy consumption!

kms moist repairKMS MOISTREPAIR Leave-In Conditioner (150ml) RRP £21.70 Instantly de-tangles Weightlessly conditions Instant moisture and comb-ability

Using MOISTREPAIR Leave-In Conditioner instead of a regular rinse out conditioner can shorten  shower times (or backwash times!) by approximately 30 seconds and saves you up to 6 litres of water. This can add up to saving up to 200 litres of water with one bottle!3

kms cleansing mistKMS Conscious Style Cleansing Mist (100ml) RRP £21.70 A power cleanse and refreshment for hair and scalp without white residues Absorbs oils, removes styling residues and environmental pollutants and neutralises odours Provides weightless hydration for hair and scalp

By suggesting your clients skip a hair wash, it could mean less water consumption and down-the-drain chemicals.

kms solid shampoosKMS Solid Shampoo (75g) RRP £18.80

The Solid Shampoos are formulated with a minimum percentage of water and is therefore saving water with every product made. Due to the solid and water-reduced format, the shampoo comes in a small, sustainable folding box only and saves one regular plastic bottle.

KMS moistrepair cleansing conditionerKMS Moist Repair Cleansing Conditioner (300ml) RRP £21.70

Gently cleanses and conditions Moisturises stressed hair No shampoo needed

Using the MOISTREPAIR Cleansing Conditioner either at the backwash or at-home in the shower means only one rinsing step instead of two. This can shorten shower or backwash time, therefore saving additional water.

kms style aerosolKMS Style and Finish All the aerosol products from the KMS Style and Finish ranges are made with lightweight aluminium and have thin can walls. This makes it approximately 15% lighter than the standard aluminium aerosol reduces the can's carbon footprint by approximately 12%.4  

About KMS Products

Backed by Trifinity technology, KMS groups their products into START. STYLE. FINISH. because it‘s how you create and how you recommend. Plus, it's proven to facilitate consultation and sales to your clients. Now you can create the styles your clients want and boost your retail business by selling them the KMS products they need—easily and intuitively. START: Prime for the perfect style in wet or towel-dried hair. START products feature the AHA Structure Complex. They prime by improving the outside and the inside of the hair, ensuring STYLE products can adhere evenly. STYLE: Shape, mould, and craft your style—your creative tools. STYLE products are individually formulated with Innovative Shaping Blends. Each product contains a unique blend to ensure you can easily create the style you want. FINISH: Perfect your final look with hold and humidity protection for up to three days. FINISH products contain Flexible Sealing Compounds. They help to prolong the effect of STYLE products, with up to three-day hold and humidity protection.    Switch to a more sustainable haircare brand for you and your clients with KMS. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with KMS. Earlier this year, KMS sponsored the VIN + OMI AW23 show. Led by KMS Style Ambassador Sam Burnett, check out the looks here. 1Often also called ‘carbon neutral’ describing the reduction and compensation of carbon emissions to zero, but scientifically ‘climate neutral’ refers to all greenhouse gasses, not only carbon dioxide. Excluding travel & sample sizes. 2This is not an official legal definition of the term ‘Climate Neutral’. 3one bottle enables approx. 33 applications 4



Published 17th Apr 2023

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