How to style a wolf cut

Published 08th Aug 2022 by chloe
How to style a wolf cut It’s time to let all speculation rest; this is exactly how to style a wolf cut. A hybrid take on the 70s French Coup Savage, Shag Cut and a form of Neo Mullet, HJ went to the experts to find the answers you’ve been looking for. Let’s style a Wolf Cut…

How to style a Wolf Cut


After cutting the hair from damp, use your fingers to scrunch a mousse into the hair. “This will encourage the choppy layers within the hair whilst maintaining softness and wearability,” says Dylan Brittain, artistic director at Rainbow Room International. For your curly clients, use a curl-enhancing serum to provide definition. wolf cut debby ryan style

Wet or dry?

The hair should be practically dry before you begin styling. According to Craig Taylor, creative director at Hari’s for L’Oréal Professionnel Paris: “Naturally rough drying to 80% maximises the hair’s natural body and texture before using any brush or styling tool, making styling far more effortless.”

The main event

Once you've applied your product, naturally dry the hair with a diffuser to encourage the hair's natural volume and texture close to dry again. “At this point, a little brushwork may be needed to lightly smooth areas such as the fringe, top or framing around the face. This should be subtle and gentle, not greatly changing the texture,” explains Craig. "The YSPark Sock Diffuser and Setting Clips are great for working with the client's natural texture and moulding it into shape, it really brings a current feel to the cut," says Marlon Hawkins, Brooks & Brooks London. A secret styling tip is to “tilt the head slightly forward so the hair comes towards the face. Dry with a diffuser from underneath so the hair sits nicely,” reveals Daniele De Angelis, academy manager at the flagship TONI&GUY Academy. wolf cut miley cyrus Don’t forget your heating tools, says Andy Heasman, international creative director at RUSH. “It’s common to just use styling product when it comes to styling this cut, but I always love to use a tool like a heated iron or curling tong to lightly tousle the ends and provide further movement.” Your hands are your best tool. “Try twisting the hair or pulling the length and applying heat, or scrunching the hair, all the control of movement be it natural or forced is at your fingertips,” adds Craig.

Finishing touches

You want to give it a real texturised, grunge look without overloading with product. “Apply a texturising powder directly into the roots and manipulate the hair between your finger and thumb to create volume,” says Paul Watts, JOICO European design team. “Use a good salt spray for a rougher texture, as well as malleability for final finishing. As well, a good finishing cream helps to define certain pieces of hair,” adds Craig. "Hidden micro undercuts within your haircut are a great way to bring out the best in styling your wolf cut," reveals Marlon. how to style wolf cut billie eilish

Common mistakes you might be making

Overuse of a hairbrush will eliminate natural movement and body. “If it’s cut well, the cut will encourage the hair to move on its own,” says Daniele. “The layers will start to disappear if you neglect prep and texturising products, leaving you with a flat silhouette.” There we have it, how to style a Wolf Cut like the experts. Have you seen the ginger wolf cuts we love?


Published 08th Aug 2022

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