How To Let Your Business Run Itself

Published 19th Jul 2022 by chloe
How to let your business run itself Discover how subscription-free Fresha can let your business run itself. Hear from salon owner Anil Salhan how Fresha is helping BLACC + BLOND become one of the UK’s first gender and carbon-neutral hair salons. Anil Salhan opened Birmingham-based BLACC +BLOND just before the start of the Covid lockdown with the dream of becoming the UK’s first carbon and gender-neutral salon. “Opening before the pandemic wasn't what I had in mind, but we used that time to focus on our ethics and the culture we wanted to create.” blacc+blond fresha

A pioneering business concept

Emerging 'as one of the pioneers of a new era in the hair industry' business is booming at BLACC + BLOND as Anil is taking his innovative salon brand into new territories. “Being gender-neutral is our way of promoting equality. We charge one rate because men deserve the same time, and women deserve the same price. Everyone is equal.” To achieve their ambitious sustainability goals, BLACC + BLOND launched their ‘Green is the New Blacc’ initiative on Wild Earth Day last year with phenomenal success. “We wanted to plant a tree for every new client. Our aim was to plant 1,000 trees in a year, but we planted 3,000.” In recognition of their sustainability efforts, BLACC + BLOND won an industry Green Salon award earlier this year.

Boosting and protecting income in a challenging climate

As a key part of their success, Anil praises Fresha for helping to make it all possible. “Fresha is one of the best decisions we've made. Fresha makes everything easier because it allows the business side of things to run itself.” Using Fresha’s email and text marketing tools to communicate regularly with clients, along with Fresha payments to process transactions and Fresha reviews to boost appointments. BLACC + BLOND is successfully growing and protecting its revenues.fresha “Fresha’s integrated payment system is amazing as it allows us to process contactless payments. In the current climate cancellations are rife, so setting our own cancellation policy on Fresha has helped the business not just to survive – but to grow. I could count on one hand the amount of no-shows that we've had in the last year. We also get a lot more reviews on Fresha than any other platform, so Fresha reviews have been really good for us.” While crediting Fresha for helping to grow and protect incomes, Anil says that Fresha is also an important part of the client experience. “Fresha is really interactive and our clients love that. Clients can book via a button on Google, Fresha marketplace, on our website and Instagram.” As BLACC + BLOND evolves and adapts to issues surrounding gender equality and the environment, Anil sees Fresha as a vital partner. “Fresha is totally aligned with my way of thinking. They're constantly updating and evolving and I would 100% recommend Fresha to other salons.” To discover the key to boosting your business, join Fresha free today here. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Fresha.


Published 19th Jul 2022

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