How to Enhance Natural Texture with Michelle Sultan and BaByliss PRO

Published 24th Nov 2023 by Charlotte Grant-West

Sometimes all you need to do is give gorgeous curls a little zhuzh and Michelle Sultan for BaByliss PRO shows us how with the below curly hair step by step.

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The Steps

  1. Start by prepping the hair - make sure you’re working with clean, dry hair and apply a heat protection spray.
  2. Use a wide toothed comb to separate and define some of the curls, and determine the areas you’re going to want to enhance.
  3. Set your curling wand or tong to a temperature of 180° - curly hair can be very fine and fragile and doesn’t require too much heat to set it.
  4. Using a wand with a thin barrel - I used the BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 10mm Ultra-Slim Wand - go through the hair and choose sections to add more curl to. Wrap the hair fully around the barrel and release between around 5 to 8 seconds.
  5. My trick here is to alternate between the size of tool I’m using, switching between a 10mm and 13mm barrels will give you a variety of different size curls and an overall multi-dimensional look.
  6. Run your fingers through the curls to break them up gently and create a more relaxed appearance. Use a light hairspray to set the curls, and if preferred you can use a drop of hair oil to reduce any remaining frizz. My top tip is to shake out the curls upside down to maximise volume but keep curl definition.

The Kit 

BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 13mm Curling Tong

BaByliss PRO Titanium Expression 10mm Ultra-Slim Wand

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BaByliss PRO.

Charlotte Grant-West

Charlotte Grant-West

Published 24th Nov 2023

Charlotte oversees the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. With over a decade of experience as a journalist, Charlotte was formerly Editor of Modern Barber and HJ Men, Social Editor at Netmums and Features Writer at Boots Health & Beauty magazine. She loves any products that make her hair bigger and more voluminous, and loves a behind-the-scenes peek at anything hair-related – whether it's a factory tour, BTS on a shoot or backstage at fashion week.

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