How Brunette Hair Trends Can Capture New Clients

Published 13th Dec 2023 by Sian Jones

There are many benefits to promoting your brunette colour services to clients. “You will always have a client base that would love an elevated brunette service,” says Siobhan Haug, Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador and salon owner, and Kimberly Michelle, Jack Winn Pro Creative Director, tells us highlighting these can open up your service menu to include every possible client. “Brunettes need love too and this is a fun way to introduce medium and rich chocolate browns and soft golden lowlights into what may seem monochromatic one-dimensional brunettes.” Kate Holohan, NXT Technician, adds that brunette services is an often-overlooked market: “It’s a chance to demonstrate the difference between a professional salon service and an at home colour.”

Similarly, Siobhan Jones for L'Oréal Professionnel, explains that brunettes can be unaware of the options available to them: “Brunettes can assume that colour has to be dramatic. They are often not aware that they can have delicate ribbons of colour to frame and highlight their features, whilst being low commitment. By making your clients aware of this you can broaden your service offering.”

When it comes to marketing salon services, typically, it’s blondes that dominate. “When a client scrolls through social media looking for inspiration pictures, they’re likely to find a lot of blondes,” says Kasey Perks, Elgon Educator (Wales), adding that showcasing the variations of brunette tones you offer on social media will help draw in clients. “Social media is awash with blonde stories and techniques, but I believe that creating a perfect brunette is just as technical,” says Colour Expert and Educator, Carolyn Newman, explaining: “Brunettes can have more fun too! I like to talk deep tones and brunette shades all year round but especially to my clients in Autumn. After summer, hair can look and feel dehydrated and adding in rich deeper tones can bring their hair back to life.” Coia Dahill, ALFAPARF Milano Professional Brand Ambassador, tells us it’s these bespoke colours that can enhance a ‘boring brown’: “It is also beneficial for stylists, taking a service from a root tint to a bespoke balayage.”

For hairdressers and clients alike the volume of trending cuts and colours that fill our social media feed can be overwhelming, therefore finding the right language to promote services to your clients is essential. “It’s crucial how we explain and suggest things to our clients. We need to be imaginative with our language and descriptions, selling the idea, story, and feeling. The way we talk about colour should be emotive,” says Louis Driver, Uberliss Educator, adding: “Clients don’t understand ‘hairdresser language’ like we do. I create Pinterest boards so that I have visuals for clients to look at.”

Considering this, Mark Leeson, Revlon Professional Global Ambassador, also outlines that the way you talk about and market your colour services can make all the difference: “Why be ‘brown’ when you can be ‘candlelit brunette’, why have low-lights when you can have a ‘caramel melt balayage’?” When you talk about colour in expressive terms and bring it to life, your clients are so much more likely to commit to a change.”

Expensive brunette services present a world of possibilities for both clients and hairdressers. “Anyone can put a box dye on their hair but creating a colour that is multi-tonal and expensive is an art. Talk to your clients through your email list and social media and share what the process of the colour service is,” says Paul Dennison, ELEVEN Australia Brand Artist. Tapping into brunette colour services will allow clients to express their individuality through their hair and leave them excited to experiment with their hair colour. Lisa Whiteman, ALFAPARF Milano Professional Colour Brand Ambassador, concludes: “With social media being so instant, you can jump on the back of trends, or capitalise on a celebrity’s hair colour. Being creative in your marketing will help your clients what a brunette can be.”

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Sian Jones

Sian Jones

Published 13th Dec 2023

Sian is Editor Modern Barber and Deputy Editor Hairdressers Journal International. She has over ten years’ experience writing for print publications covering Youth & Children, TV & Entertainment and Lifestyle. Sian graduated with a degree in journalism, and whilst studying was nominated for the Guardian Digital Journalist of the Year award in 2011.

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