Hj spoke to eco designers vin + omi ahead of fashion show

Published 15th Sep 2022 by Josie Jackson
Hj spoke to eco designers vin + omi ahead of fashion show HJ recently visited the Goldwell Academy to speak to VIN + OMI – award winning eco fashion designers and pioneers of eco processes – ahead of their show OPINIONS, to learn more about their partnership with KMS, a hair care brand part of the Kao Salon Division.  This was the second time the designers had collaborated with the brand on a show, and are expanding on their relationship by taking up the role of ‘sustainable ambassadors’ – whereby they will be working together on a wider sustainable action plan, including grassroots interventions and eco salon initiatives. Working together for 22 years, the duo has tackled many creative projects, including helping planning cities. However, ultimately, they feel that design is at their core, with their most prominent focus being sustainability. OMI expands: “The fashion industry hasn’t changed its business model since its inception, so a lot of our work required us to convince others. However, we found that working in negative spaces was very beneficial for us, because it gave us the scope to innovate.” One brand which didn’t need convincing was KMS Hair, who reached out to VIN + OMI to show an interest in collaborating. “It was quite an easy transition because of their sustainability approach,” OMI admits. At their last show together, they steered clear of all electricity when it came to styling, and avoided shipping in mirrors to the venue, to reduce the show’s carbon footprint. KMS was supportive of the decision, and decided to do the same for OPINIONS. Explaining the meaning of the name behind the show, VIN says: “The show is about everyone’s opinions on the current state of affairs. Some of the models and celebrities that are walking have given us their thoughts about what’s happening politically and environmentally, and there will be signs on the catwalk displaying these. The show is about the clothes, but also the message that go along with them.” Discussing the show further, OMI says: “KMS are also brilliant because they are on board with us only using one hair product on the models – the Conciousstyle Multi Benefit Spray. Usually brands are so keen to push multiple products, but with everything going on with the economy, we thought that it would be a bit tone deaf to be splashing on loads of products. VIN adds: “It’s good to focus on products that are multifunctional, because we can play around with them and try and extend their usage. And with more usage comes less need for multiple products, and that’s less packaging.” For OPINIONS, the duo used methods of recycling to create hair accessories, however, ahead of the show OMI pointed out that the accessories themselves aren’t necessarily the focal point: “It's not just about the show. It's not just about what it looks like. It's the impact that has on the organisation, creating something new – it's the 200 odd students that are working with that, picking up techniques of how to recycle. And it will just disseminate out. And that's what sustainability is about. It's about spreading that word. So everybody does something different, but the conversation is so interesting.” KMS Hair VIN + OMI VIN adds: “The show has to work on many levels: The political and environmental messaging is at the top, but there’s also the ways we’re being sustainable: through the textile production of the clothing and the recycling of the hair pieces. We really want this to resonate not only with students, but sustainable publications and the general press. “We want the whole element of what we’re doing to spread out in many ways. Sustainability doesn’t need to be boring. There is an element of fun in all of our shows.” VIN continues to expand: “Having KMS as a show sponsor is great because they’re also supporting sustainability in other industries, and with their support for the show, we’re able to spread the message to more people – it’s a collective.”

Translating Their Manifesto Into Salon Methods

OMI also shares some insight into how salons can adopt the ‘VIN + OMI ethos’: “Once you come up with a plan, ask yourself if it’s manageable, because there’s no point implementing it if it’s only going to last a few weeks. “You also want to communicate the changes you make with your clients, because how else are they going to know? Change isn’t always visible, so by shouting about it you can create transparency, which in turn will boost your credentials.” This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Kao Salon Divison.      
Josie Jackson

Josie Jackson

Published 15th Sep 2022

Josie supports the team with content for the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. Having grown up in a salon environment (thanks to her hairdresser mum) and even working as a Saturday girl before getting her degree in English Literature, Josie feels right at home in the industry. Although she’s experimented with a few creative colour looks in the past, she always comes back to blonde, and loves all things hydrating and bond building.

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