Helping Salons Create a More Sustainable Society

Published 24th Apr 2023 by charlottegw

As clients look for salons that deliver luxury in a more sustainable way, Takara Belmont is offering businesses a solution.

With climate change and rising energy bills high on the agenda, adopting a more sustainable approach mitigates costs, conserves energy and contributes to a greener planet – while also appealing to customers. (Check out this eco-minded London salon chain, all created with help from Takara Belmont.)

The Enduring Qualities of Takara Belmont

By delivering products with longevity in mind and integrating new technologies to reduce energy consumption, Takara Belmont is reinventing how salons function. National Sales Manager Katie Wrighton explains: “Longevity is important when it comes to sustainability. Our products transcend fashion and last for decades. This supports a sustainability ethos by saving money in the long-term, and reducing consumption as salons won’t need to replace equipment regularly.” takara belmont roller ball

Energy Efficiency

By developing advanced manufacturing processes and sourcing the highest quality components and materials sustainably, Takara Belmont ensures its equipment is as energy efficient as possible. Just one example is the water-saving shower head on its backwash units. “This reduces water consumption by approximately 20%* while reducing utility costs and CO2 emissions, without compromising the washing sensation,” says Katie.

Energy Saving by Design

Takara Belmont’s approach to energy saving is not a reaction to current environmental issues. Products such as the Roller Ball F infrared processor, first launched in 1989, created a global sensation by halving processing and heating time** while producing more vibrant and enduring colour results.

Katie adds: “Roller Ball F increases workflow, as well as accelerating colour, treatment and perming processes. This means salons can serve more clients per day which boosts colour revenue and increases energy efficiency.”

With salons focused on caring for the environment, Takara Belmont is committed to shaping the future of a more sustainable hairdressing industry.

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Takara Belmont.  

* Compared to their previous shower head and depending on the model, construction, and usage conditions.
** Compared to a ceramic heating element


Published 24th Apr 2023

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