Hairdressing How-to: The Midi Flick Fringe

Published 23rd Sep 2022
Hairdressing how-to: the midi flick fringe Fringes have become a huge trend this year and clients' love for them comes down to their versatility, allowing stylists to tailor them to every individual. The Midi Flick fringe is the latest go to cut leading us into Autumn/Winter with the influence of fashion houses and runways across the world. Darrel Starkey tells us how to create this latest look...

Who does it suit?

This can work for every single individual, no matter their face shape, all you need to do is blend and work into the client's style. Although it works incredibly well on fine to medium hair textures, this also works for thicker hair, with the sections having slightly more weight to balance out the overall flick.

How to create

When creating this look, you are creating a side swept fringe – simple yet incredibly effective. Comb out your section to the front of the hair at a 45 degree angle. Separate into two further sections in line with the parting. Take your first section, and over direct this to the opposite side, then cut to a 45 degree angle. Remember this is a midi flick fringe, so keep your length pretty long. I would recommend just below eye level. Once you’re happy with the cut, repeat on the second section. Next up blow-drying, blow-dry the fringe to the other opposite side, to create the ‘sweeping’ feel. When drying use your barrel brush to flick out at the bottom.

How to enhance the look

Enhancing this look is easy and you can use a variety of products to make it the best it can be. Darrel recommends focusing volume at the root of the midi fringe.

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