Hair recycling scheme - recycle your hair to save the planet

Published 28th Sep 2019 by lydiah
Hair recycling scheme - recycle your hair to save the planet Remi Cachet have been making changes to improve their sustainability. Their Hair Recycling Scheme collects old, removed hair extensions and recycles the hair into hair mats to be used to clean the world’s oceans in association with the charity, A Matter of Trust. Hair has long been known for its quality to absorb oil, and the hair mats are set to work in oil leaks and to effectively collate debris in storm drains. Salons around the UK can join in, even those who don't currently work with Remi Cachet products. The Hair Recycling Scheme is open for ALL hair brands to return their unwanted hair extensions. Instead of throwing away the removed hair extensions, they can be posted back to the Clean Wave Campaign, who will send the extension donation to make ‘hair mats’ and ‘hair booms’ to protect the environment from oil spills and to catch debris before it goes down a drains. Hair is particularly good at absorbing oil and, when matted, it traps the debris to help clean up the water. Hair Recycling Scheme The brand, who is keen to make more changes, has introduced some packaging in 2018, which can be returned for recycling at HQ through a free post service.  The Pro Tips petri dishes are returned and replenished for future orders. Since then, the brand that prides itself on leading the way, has started to work through their range of products and tweak the packaging. Shipping packing has been swapped for more sustainable options too. Re-launching their new Clip-In Deluxe earlier in the year as 100% recyclable from the hair to the packaging, even the labels are biodegradable. Victoria Lynch founder of the Remi Cachet explains, “Sourcing the right packaging has been challenging and we have learnt so much about what can really be recycled.  We wanted packaging to still be eye catching, reflect our fun and creative nature as well as physically being smaller for shipping.  We can then look to reduce the actual packaging for more efficient mailing too.” We asked super stylist Mark Taylor from Signatures of Southport, more about his eco credentials. “I used to work on cruise ships and saw first-hand the pollution in the word’s oceans, so when Remi Cachet got involved with Matter of Trust I knew I had to do my bit for the planet. So far, we have recycled 3KGs of hair. My clients love the recycling scheme, as like me they are doing their bit to save the planet and help people when flooding happens. I am always looking for more sustainability for less damaging hair products to the planet and also for the brands to have a strong moral code behind them. I think it has a lot to say about brands when they do things like partnering up with a charity and are clearly trying to change. Personally, I would like to see more brands rethink their packaging!! As of course hair comes in something so why not be more eco-friendly and cut down on plastics."


Published 28th Sep 2019

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