Green salon collective partner with neäl & wølf, kh hair and more

Published 16th Apr 2021 by kieran
Green salon collective partner with neäl & wølf, kh hair and more Multiple hair businesses, including Neäl & Wølf, Salon Promotions Ltd and KH Hair, have partnered with the Green Salon Collective (GSC) in support of a sustainability initiative for hairdressing by recycling waste and reducing pollution. The Green Salon Collective provides an exclusive recycling scheme to salons where items that were known as being traditionally impossible to recycle, such as hair, foil, plastic and PPE, can now be recycled. Salons can become Green Salon Collective accredited through the scheme. For example, working with independent sustainability experts, they partnered with The Liminality, a business who supports sustainable organisations - the first accreditation of its type within the hairdressing industry. In the first 6 months of launching (July-December 2020), Green Salon Collective recovered over 400 kilograms of hair which will now be used towards cleaning waterways and gardening composting projects. They also recovered and recycled over 2.3 tonnes of used foil and colour tubes and over 230 litres of leftover colour and bleach. New members Neäl & Wølf and Salon Promotions Ltd are offering their stockists a 15% discount when setting up their own GSC partnership. For the KH Group, its 21 salons will be provided with separation kits for hair, metal, and chemicals, helping to prevent them being sent to landfill and allowing almost every single piece of waste to be turned into something new. KH Hair managing director, Darren Messias, says: “According to a study at Southampton University, 99% of salon foil ends up in landfill, but by partnering with GSC, 100% of our foil will be recycled. We’ll even be able to recycle hair which will be used to make hair boom and mat projects that could help to soak up oil spills in oceans across the world or be used for gardening and composting.” “We are introducing a £1 ‘green fee’ to each visit so, when clients see us in the salon, they’ll be helping us to save our planet too,” Darren continues. “Another benefit is that GSC can even raise money from the recycling processes and all profits go to its chosen charities and good causes across the UK and Ireland.” Neil Capstick, owner and founder of Neäl & Wølf and Salon Promotions, says: “I believe this new partnership with GSC will help to educate salons on becoming more sustainably ethical and is a great step forward to achieving industry-wide sustainability - we hope our stockists get on board too!” Fry Taylor, co-founder of Green Salon Collective, adds “This new partnership is a great move in helping salons to become more sustainable and ethical. As a collective, working with other brands, is a really important collaboration if we are to truly make a difference in our industry."

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Published 16th Apr 2021

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