Gloucestershire stylists cuts hair for the homeless

Published 24th Apr 2017
Gloucestershire stylists cuts hair for the homeless A Gloucestershire salon stylist is cutting hair for the homeless as part of a charity team working to stamp out drug addiction and bring dignity to rough-sleepers. Lorna Sales, who works at Cream salon group, spends every other Monday cutting hair and trimming beards at a drop-in centre in Cheltenham, run by Trinity Church. She started the project after spending time in London’s Charing Cross working with rough-sleepers, some of whom have been sleeping rough for more than 25 years. The outreach project was organised by Lorna’s friend, author and ex-addict Chris Hill, who wrote Get Your Life Back and set up after losing his brother to drink and drugs. They teamed up with street barber Pummi - who calls himself The Homeless Barber on Twitter and Instagram - after hearing his incredible story. “When I heard what Chris and Pummi were doing, I had to take my scissors and go and help,” said Lorna, who moved to Cheltenham from London in October. It’s such an amazing project. I know the problem is huge, but if everyone could just do a little bit, it’d go a long way, and I’m so glad to be working with Trinity Cheltenham because it’s genuinely making a difference.”  

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