Ghost Layers: Change Up A Look And Keep The Length

Published 18th May 2023

Creating a new look on a guest doesn’t always mean they have to sacrifice length, and ghost layers are the perfect solution to refreshing a look whilst maintaining length. Becka Bradshaw, Sam Villa Ambassador, explains how she created a fresh look for her client, Rachel, who was advised to arrive washed and styled as usual.

“Rachel was looking for a shape that moved with her, something that felt fresh and less weighed down. We dry cut the entire shape releasing weight and length on the top of the head to create a layer shape reminiscent of the ‘70s shags,” explains Bradshaw.

[caption id="attachment_96433" align="alignnone" width="700"] Before[/caption]
  • Dry cutting is a great choice when transforming long hair.  It puts the person in the chair at an advantage to see exactly what is happening as it happens and allows them to feel more comfortable to make change.
  • When transforming longer lengths, best practices for putting a guest at ease is to layer the top and crown first. That way the perimeter length is preserved as a collaborative decision between stylist and guest once the silhouette is complete.
  • Below the crown, use a ghost layer technique to add mobility to hair in the back and nape. It is not necessary to create visible layers to create the movement. Remove weight from the mid-strand of the hair through the ends for maximum movement.
[caption id="attachment_96434" align="alignnone" width="700"] After[/caption]

“Ghost layers are really popular now because they allow you to add movement and shape without having to take off length,” adds Bradshaw.

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