Get The Look: Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week

Published 17th Mar 2022 by chloe
Get The Look: Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week

British professional hair-styling tool brand ghd has partnered with top hairstylist, Eugene Souleiman to create Perfectly Imperfect Texture. The look was designed for British fashion designer Stella McCartney, as seen on Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week catwalk. The Stella McCartney Winter 2022 collection celebrated iconic American artist Frank Stella, one of the most important painters and sculptors of his generation. Introduced as Stella by Stella, the top floor of the Centre Pompidou set the stage for this cohesion of art and fashion.

 Model for Stella McCartney Paris Fashion Week catwalk

In partnership with ghd, Eugene Souleiman and his team worked to create a ‘perfectly imperfect’ textured hair look, inspired by the everyday ‘Stella McCartney woman’ who heroes individuality and working with their own natural textures. The collection reflected Stella women who are both creators and collectors – turning pragmatic staples into effortless wearable art. Think sleek fringes, curly buzz cuts or lived-in texture with a sense of put-togetherness that you expect from the Stella McCartney girl. It’s ‘I woke up like this’ with a polished finish. 

model for Stella McCartney AW22 Paris Fashion Week

“This season’s trend champions individuality and feeling good in your own skin. We wanted to create hair that resembles the Stella McCartney woman who is fast-paced, sexy and confident. Perfectly imperfect texture works with the girls’ natural hair, which is then enhanced using ghd’s products. The hair has a sense of integrity, mystery and lustfulness about it,” said Eugene. “I loved the effortlessly natural look ghd’s tools created for my Stella by Stella runway show. This truly encapsulated the attitude of our Stella woman and paired with our Winter 2022 collection’s artistic perspective,” added Stella McCartney. 

Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week

Get the look from Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week catwalk

“As a designer, you can either create clothes designed for fantasy or reality – Stella designs for reality and therefore it’s essential the hair is both achievable and luxury by working with the girls’ natural texture,” explained Eugene. “I loved working with ghd backstage this season, as their diverse range of tools allowed me to work and enhance the models' natural textures.”

  1. Prep

“To achieve the look today we prepped the hair with ghd bodyguard heat protect spray (RRP £18) to protect the hair and add shine to the final look”. Stella McCartney's AW22 Paris Fashion Week

  1. Style

“For those with naturally curly hair, we used the ghd helios professional hairdryer (RRP £179) and diffuser attachment to add texture”. Stella McCartney

  1. Finish

“We then used the new ghd curve thin wand (RRP £139) to define and contour natural curls. To create a natural finish, we placed the thin wand on the curve where the curl begins, and curl in its natural direction. This way the integrity of the curl is not compromised but is defined”. “For those with a straight-sleek finish, we used the ghd unplugged styler (RRP £299) to tame any fly-aways and finished with the ghd perfect ending final fix hairspray (RRP £14.95) to keep the hair texture to promote natural movement”. behind the scenes with ghd for Stella McCartney AW22 Paris Fashion Week show And just like that, you're set to take centre stage for Stella McCartney's Paris Fashion Week catwalk! We love the message this collection delivers, embracing natural textures and therefore, your authentic self.

Watch ghd in action backstage at the Stella McCartney show here. Conquered this look? Here's another ghd 'get the look' to try out.



Published 17th Mar 2022

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