Fire, Air, Earth and Water: The Horoscope Hair Predictions Trending Right Now

Published 27th Jul 2023 by hjiadmin

We were inundated with responses to our horoscope hair trends article, so much so that we have put together another feature that takes you through the experts' predictions for the four zodiac elements: fire, air, earth and water.

Horoscope hair trends allow stylists to exercise their creativity, and clients to fully embrace who they are, and it seems like HJ readers can't get enough.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Well-known for their strength and confidence, fire signs can be represented through bold and empowering hairstyles. Colours like deep reds and blazing oranges not only mirror their intensity and passion, but also symbolise fire itself. Safy B, owner of Safy B’s Hair Salon, suggests: “To embrace the dynamic aspect of fire signs, clients can opt for textured, voluminous haircuts that allow them to easily switch up their style.” You could also experiment with asymmetrical cuts or styles to symbolise this unpredictability.

“Often, fire signs are not perceived accurately by others; some people will be confused by how strong, yet soft, they can be… So, you need strong shapes with an element of softness, or vice versa,” says Roman Sys, Stylist at Brooks and Brooks. “A strong look such as a sharp bob with a fringe, or a short buzz cut, where it’s a little fluffy like a lion cub will really capture the character of fire signs."

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Meanwhile, air signs are known for their fluency and literally being a ‘breath of fresh air’. Alex Thaddeus, owner of Alex Thaddeus Hairdressing, summarises: “Their refreshing energy can be captured through layered haircuts that allow the hair to flow effortlessly. Pair it with airy, tousled waves or a delicate updo with loose strands framing the face for breezy movement.”

Colours such as pastel blue, opal and cream will create a celestial look, reminiscent of blue skies and clouds. Session Stylist, Vicki Lord, suggests these pastel and gentle tones will evoke the tranquillity and serenity often associated with these signs.

Simon Tuckwell, Director of Tuckwell & Co, concludes: “I think the wolf cut perfectly represents the traits of air signs; providing a breath of fresh air, because it’s new and trendy, as well as being super adaptable, making it incredibly fluid.”

You could of course always go for the OG horoscope hair trend - Gemini hair.

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Earth signs have the admirable qualities of being realistic and grounded (no pun intended), so a practical and perhaps low maintenance approach is ideal. Simon thinks 1970s feathered layers could be perfect for the look. He outlines: “We’re not taking too many risks with the cut, keeping the hair long and flowing, but adding texture and excitement through the gentle layers.”

Also, Michelle Summer Davies, Matrix Artist Ambassador, recommends sticking to a natural colour palette of rich chocolate browns and earthy tones to complement their down-to-earth personality.

What's more, Darrel Starkey, owner of Taylor's Hair Studio, suggests utilising braids, such as a fishtail plait or rope braid. This could perhaps symbolise the strength and stability that earth signs have.

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These were the signs that our stylists were most passionate about! One of the most recognised feature of water signs is their connection to their own emotions, portraying them as fluid and in harmony with themselves. To bring this to life, Lesley Farrall, Creative Stylist at F&M Hairdressing, suggests: “Create soft, flowing waves to mimic the gentle movement of water, and incorporate subtle layers or cascading curls for fluidity.”

As well as opting for the obvious aquatic colours, clients could also experiment with silvers and pearl tones, to represent the different depths of the water (or even green to symbolise seaweed, Vicki suggests).

Roman describes how styles could portray both the power and serenity of the water. He emphasises: “The looks could include a seamless firefly, shapes that are held by one pin or glass hair.” This wet or glossy appearance really captures the water sign's attributes. Darrel summarises: “I would create a sleek look like clients have just emerged from the water.”

The other layer of this sign's personality is the unexpected level of mystery, much like the depths of the sea itself. To recreate this element of mystery, stylists could utilise elements of secrecy in their clients’ styles. Lesley comments that hidden braids or a peekaboo hair colour within the hairstyle would do just the trick. What’s more, Lea Shaw, Director of Rural Fringe Hair Salon, outlines: “Asymmetrical layers can embody their multi-layered personality, while deep, rich hair colours like black or burgundy will enhance their mysterious allure.”


We think that these horoscope hair trend predictions are a great way for clients to express their unique personality through their hair – and they really got the experts creative juices flowing too! The zodiac-inspired ideas for stylists are endless, encouraging versatility and creativity on every level.



Published 27th Jul 2023

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