Expert advice on getting your salon on tiktok

Published 09th Sep 2020 by kieran
Expert advice on getting your salon on tiktok Social media platform TikTok has already proven it’s so much more than a passing fad, and this can only mean one thing- it’s time to get your salon on board! For those who don’t know, TikTok began life in 2016 following a rebranding of the app, which was launched in 2014. Ever since, it has become one of the fastest growing social media apps ever, gathering an especially large interest among younger demographics. The app allows users to create and upload short videos which often involve lip-syncing to popular songs or film and TV quotes. What makes it any more effective than other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for your business, though? “I truly believe that TikTok is a great platform for hairstylists and barbers to promote their work and share their passion,” says Chloe Swift, global educator for ghd and avid TikTok user. “Compared to other social media platforms, I personally feel I get so much more reach from TikTok – more views, more likes and more followers from people all over the world.” “I find it such a positive, fun platform and it really is steered towards an education viewpoint. This is perfect for us hairstylists to educate our craft with short and snappy videos and to grab the attention of the TikTok audience.” So, with this in mind, we tracked down some of the most prolific TikTok experts in the industry and got their advice on getting salons onto the app:

Edward Hemmings - creative director and director of education at Alan D Hairdressing Education & global ambassador for

“My advice is to really play around. Short videos of around 12 seconds seem to work best, and I tend to use the viral music suggestions as you create video, although Oasis always seems to be a winner.” “I use the same few hashtags all the time and answer all comments unless they’re spammed by haters, which get ignored. Posting ‘fyp’ (for you page) also helps push the videos into the For Your Page of random followers.” “Don’t remove slow burners, because the videos can start gaining traction weeks after you post them. Finally, make sure you make your account Pro so you can look at analytics, as this will help you understand your account.”

Ashley Gamble - Schwarzkopf Professional educator and salon owner, Ashley Gamble Hair

“It’s important to keep in mind that TikTok is designed to be short and snappy as this keeps the viewer interested to the end. I also recommend adding your branding to the beginning or the end of each video, as this gives your videos a professional feel and helps to promote your salon.”

Chloe Swift - global educator, ghd

“Some of my top tips for posting your videos on TikTok include keeping videos short and sweet; usually anything from 15-30 seconds tends to perform best. Make use of the TikTok song library. When you use trending and popular songs, your video is linked to this song and this will result in your video getting more views.” “Remember that TikTok is not just for silly dances. Your audience is keen to learn and watch new things, especially if you have a talent or a craft. Always ask them what they want to see and video reply to their comments. Also, always add a voiceover or a text overlay to describe what you are doing in your video.”

Casey Coleman - owner, Chair Salons

“TikTok is a great way to showcase a 360 perspective of the hair you have created with a little extra flare. I’ve found that videos that promote positivity do very well, as well as ‘process’ or ‘transformation’ videos.” “I generally find that using a trending sound helps create a larger reach for your video, especially when you catch it at the beginning of the trend. This way, your audience is widened and your engagement increases.” “Also, videos created from TikTok are great to post on Instagram stories as they are a maximum of one minute long and fit perfectly. It’s definitely great to be able to utilise one video across multiple platforms.” TikTok salon

Rebecca Moronval - Sesh Hairdressing

“Using TikTok is a great way to show your work in all its glory. Instead of using ‘before and after’ images next to each other, you can capture the audience's eye immediately. I love to share a before image and zoom into the hair close before zooming out to reveal the finished look and transformation.” “The key to TikTok as a hairdresser is to avoid using filters where possible. We need to ensure we are sharing our authentic work to ensure client expectations remain realistic. Use natural light to create the best videos.”

Taylor Threlfell - Sesh Hairdressing

“TikTok is a fun way to share your work and your creative side with how you choose to edit your videos. My top tip would be to select music that is already popular on TikTok. Users can search audios on the app and this increases your chances of being discovered by a wider audience.” “In terms of captions and hashtags, it is important to share your location. This way people can easily identify where you are. I also cross share my TikTok videos to my Instagram account. This shows your Instagram followers who maybe don’t use TikTok yet or didn’t follow you previously.”

Gareth Reynolds - colour lead and creative ambassador, Headmasters

"Tik Tok is a platform often built on humour, so it can be tricky for hair. I’ve found transformation videos really go over well. Because there isn’t much hair content on there currently, you can get a lot of views even if you have a smaller following.” “I love using songs that include hair to keep it relevant, like Blondie’s ‘Atomic’ with the line: “Oh your hair is beautiful.” I’ve also found using light effects, glitches and sparkles are a really great way to animate sections of the VT that might need a bit of a lift and excitement. Try using hashtags like #foryourpage #viral #hairchallenge to encourage extra views."


Published 09th Sep 2020

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