Everything You Need to Know When Taking On a New Salon Team

Published 18th Apr 2023 by hjiadmin

When you're taking on a new team in your hairdressing salon, there are a few things to consider to ensure everyone is happy. This is something that Sally Brooks (former British Hairdresser of the Year) and Jamie Brooks had to consider when they were told they had to leave their premises, beginning an 18-month search for a new home.

Based in the heart of Holborn, London, Brooks & Brooks had been in their current location for some 21 years. “We obviously didn’t want to move far, but the search for properties hadn’t found us what we wanted. So when a neighbouring salon was closing down, it was the perfect premises to take over.”

The five-storey building is currently undergoing a huge refurbishment and is due to open end of May. So, as well as dealing with builders and architects, Jamie has also been spending time with the other salon’s team members who have joined their business. “The old salon was similar to us in that they worked with the same products, offered high quality services, so when some of their team members joined us, it wasn’t a total culture shock.” However, when taking on an existing team there are things you need to consider.

Jamie's Hassle Free Tips to Move a New Team into a New Hairdressing Salon

  1. Can you see it as a positive impact on your own business? Recruiting any team member has to be good for your business. The people are joining your team, so they have to sit within your existing brand. The hardest thing is aligning cultures, so sit down with new and existing team members and come up with a new model and set of values that sits with everyone.

  2. Can you manage the expectations of the team members you are taking on? Will they sit alongside your existing team members and fit in with what you offer? You want to create one happy team so you need to consider the feelings of new and existing members. They both need to feel special and valued.

  3. Stick to your core values, don’t be tempted to shift these to accommodate someone new.

  4. Communication is key – regularly meet with new team members so any issues or concerns are dealt with straight away. If you do the work at the start, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises down the line. Make sure everyone is updated on who your brand is.

  5. Create a salon environment that feels comfortable and confident for everyone. You want them all to want to work with you, not be forced to work with you.

  6. Respect has to be earned so always be upfront and honest with everyone about your plans and goals. Bringing team members together so everyone knows what is going on will avoid conflict and gossip.

In summary, make sure to listen to your entire team so that you create the best salon environment for everyone to blend well together in their transition to a new salon. If you'd like more advice on how to create a happy team check out this article.



Published 18th Apr 2023

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