Everything you need to know about kao's virtual education

Published 14th Aug 2020 by laurahusband
Everything you need to know about kao's virtual education Kao's virtual education offering ranges from niche knowledge to grow your skillset to seminars that will help you get more accurate results. Other courses available from Kao can be viewed here:

Kao's Virtual Education and Academy Seminars

Kao’s flagship Academy in London is reopening at the beginning of September and the virtual sessions will continue to be available. Monthly calendars are produced and booking remains through the academy on 0203 540 1200. If you would like to join an academy seminar you can contact your sales executive or educator who can help you with booking your session or contact the academy directly to check availability and book your space.

Kao's Virtual Education and Ultimate Seminars

Studying Kao virtual education Kao is offering key seminars to support you during the challenging times of social distancing. The seminars will ensure you have the tools and understanding to service your client commercially with accurate colour and home care results. Kao's virtual education Ultimate Seminars on offer include:
Ultimate Fix – Understand the General Rules on Colour Correction Creating the perfect colour palette is essential to the success of any professional colour service. This seminar gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to correct too dark, too light, too red or faded hair and achieve excellent results. Ultimate Fix – Understand the Mid Band Dealing with a grown-out colour requires a colour correction application and understanding. This seminar focuses on dealing with the mid band and how to get an even result from root to tip and to ensure you achieve an accurate colour result in a timely and commercial way. Ultimate Blonde – Toning Focus During COVID-19 clients may want to embrace their lighter locks. This session focuses on using lighter levels and toning to ensure the client has a unique and quality finish to their look when leaving your salon. Ultimate Creativity – Go Beyond When returning to your salon you may need some inspiration for you to engage your client base. During this seminar you will learn commercial techniques using global colour application to achieve stunning colour results.

What are Kao's Virtual Education Knowledge Nuggets?

Product Kao virtual education Lasting no longer than an hour, Knowledge Nuggets are set up virtually with short bites of information. The sessions are focussed on areas of your portfolio or services to enhance your knowledge, competence and grow your salon business. You can join Knowledge Nuggets by going to @goldwelluk and @kmshairuk on Instagram and clicking on the relevant social post to join the session. You can register up to 10 minutes beforehand to ensure you can join the session.
For more information about Kao's virtual education call the KAO Salon Academy on 0203 540 1200 or go to goldwell.com/education.  This is a sponsored post by Kao. 


Published 14th Aug 2020

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