British Hairdressing Business Awards Winners Share What They've Gained

Published 08th Mar 2024 by Admin

Some of the winners from the British Hairdressing Business Awards 2023 share what winning meant for them, both personally and for their business.

Name: Fergal Doyle
Salon: Fergal Doyle Hair
Award: Independent Salon – Business Newcomer 

"Winning an award at the British Hairdressing Business Awards was a moment of immense pride and total validation for our entire team. It proved to us that the hard work, long hours, creativity, and dedication we pour into the business every single day was paying off. This award not only recognised our commitment to excellence in hairdressing but also our efforts to create a wholesome, positive and innovative salon culture. It has motivated us to push ourselves, our work and our business further and continue setting new standards in the industry."

  •           Embrace continuous learning and innovation; the hair industry is constantly changing, and staying ahead means being open to learning and self-improvement. Invest in regular training seminars for your team, learn from the best the industry has to offer,  explore and develop techniques, and encourage creativity. This commitment to growth not only improves what you offer your clients but also keeps your team motivated and passionate.

  • Prioritise exceptional customer experience. Success in the hair industry is not just about the finished result but also the experience we provide. From the moment a client enters your salon to the time they leave, every interaction should make them feel valued and understood. Personalised consultations, bespoke service, and creating a warm welcoming environment are key to a successful, memorable and enjoyable salon visit, that leaves clients wanting more and eager to return.
  • The strength of a salon lies in its team. Creating a supportive and collaborative environment encourages your team to take ownership, share ideas, and excel in their roles. Celebrate achievements, address challenges collectively, and ensure everyone feels part of the salon's success. A united team is the backbone of any thriving salon business.

Name: Stacey Whyte
Salon: Cheveux Salon
Award: Salon of the Year 2

"It was such a huge achievement for me winning salon of the year at the BHBAs; it was such an honour to finalise in such a prestigious award, but to win really was beyond unreal. To be recognised for all the hard work myself and the team have put into the salon, and the passion was show every day means everything. To celebrate that evening with my team was a memory I won’t forget and a highlight of the year. We are a medium-sized salon in Scotland and to know that our salon ethos and values and what we do for the wider community has been recognised was amazing. We have had another year of hard work, love, passion and dedication so let’s see where this year takes us!"

  • Show love in everything you do. Your business should be what excites you, so make sure that shines through – we can all see it.
  • Learn something new from everyone that enters through your doors, staff or clients – take their views, angles and perspective into account and watch things flourish.
  • Having a business means you have a beacon to help... how can your business go further than your walls? We really push this and help so much in our community as we have the ability and the voice to be able to do this – don't waste this opportunity to help or encourage change!

Name: Alex Barron-Hough
Salon: STIL Salon
Award: Salon Design Award

"This was a very personal win for us, and the road to opening the salon was a very long one with many challenges along the way, so this made this win extra sweet."

  •           You will win through the planning. Everyone knows the 6x “P’s” - Prior, Preparation, Prevents, P*ss, Poor, Performance.

  •       Spend as much time planning as you can – measure twice and cut once. Walk through the space time and time again, it’s all well and good seeing it on paper, but getting a real feel for the space is super important. We were constantly tweaking disigns thought the 18 month project.

  • Buy cheap, buy twice. Any cutting of corners will hit you in the pocket later down the line. Invest in the best M&E (mechanical and electrical) that you can as in a commercial environment it is imperative that everything works with no issues.
  •          Build a team of experts that you can trust – everyone from architects, structural surveyors and electricians. Sometimes the best people for the job can cost a little more, but trust is worth every penny.

Name: Christel Barron-Hough
Salon: STIL Salon
Award: Customer Service Award

"We were super grateful that all our hard work paid off. It’s also great when you are winning as you get to share the success with your team and clients."

  • Believe in your conecept
  • Attention to detail with everything you do with regards to the client journey is crucial
  • Systems and procedures are really important for strong customer service


Published 08th Mar 2024

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