British Hairdressing Awards Past Winners: British Hairdresser Of The Year

Published 08th Mar 2008 by hjiadmin

A look back at the big names that have won the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year, at the Britsh Hairdressing Awards, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional.

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2022 Cos Sakkas

2021 Robert Eaton

2020 Sally Brooks

2019 Robert Eaton

2018 Sally Brooks

2017 Sally Brooks

2016 Angelo Seminara

2015 Darren Ambrose

2014 Mark Leeson

2013 Akin Konizi

2012 Angelo Seminara

2011 Akin Konizi

2010 Angelo Seminara

2009 Akin Konizi

2008 Akin Konizi

2007 Angelo Seminara

2006 Andrew Barton

2005 Lisa Shepherd

2004 Antoinette Beenders

2003 Mark Hill

2002 Beverly Cobella

2001 Beverly Cobella

2000 Mark Hill

1999 Umberto Giannini

1998 Charles Worthington

1997 Andrew Collinge

1996 Charles Worthington

1995 Anthony Mascolo

1994 Nicky Clarke

1993 Andrew Collinge

1992 Trevor Sorbie

1991 Trevor Sorbie

1990 Anthony Mascolo

1989 John Frieda

1988 Anthony Mascolo

1987 Irvine & Rita Rusk

1986 Trevor Sorbie

1985 Trevor Sorbie 



Published 08th Mar 2008

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