Boost Business With the Original Japanese Head Spa from Takara Belmont

Published 02nd Jul 2024 by Charlotte Grant-West

Here's how to elevate hair and scalp care experiences and increase sales with the head spa experience from Takara Belmont.

The latest treatment revelation finding its way into salons, the Japanese Head Spa, is transforming client experiences, enhancing hair and scalp well-being, and boosting business potential. Here, Takara Belmont explains how your business can introduce and capitalise on head spa services.

As the first hairdressing company in Japan to develop a professional ‘head spa’ service, Takara Belmont’s Original Japanese Head Spa combines world-class equipment and bespoke head spa accessories with exclusively curated techniques to present the perfect head spa treatment. Katie Fielder,Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager comments: “Our products allow salons to expand their range of services by introducing a sensory experience that relaxes and calms, while improving scalp health, and promoting healthy hair growth. It creates a unique point of difference and boosts service incomes.”

The Three Elements

A therapeutic technique that delivers scientifically proven benefits for hair and scalp, there are three elements that contribute to the perfect Japanese Head Spa experience: Equipment, Technique and Environment. “Our Yume Series, Spa Mist II processor and new Head Bath accessory combine to deliver the ultimate head spa experience,” says Katie. “The Yume Series features leading-edge motorisation, thermostatic control, ergonomic design, and a unique neck rest with a gel-filled neck cushion and two gel-filled head pillows that deliver complete comfort and full body support, even during longer services like a head spa treatment.”

Create atmospheric experiences at low temperatures to prevent hair damage

When it comes to tangibly improving hair and scalp health, Spa Mist II generates a microscopic mist that opens cuticle layers at very low temperatures. This allows for the infusion of treatment ingredients deep inside each hair strand, while enhancing the atmosphere and ambience. “Spa Mist II also removes debris and build-up to cleanse the scalp and follicles resulting in a cleaner, healthier scalp while repairing and hydrating damaged hair,” adds Katie.


Head Bath – the soothing way to scalp health

As a new and exclusive addition to the Yume Series, Takara Belmont’s Head Bath attaches to the Yume* basin to soothe and relax, while actively improving scalp health and well-being. “Attach Head Bath and warm flowing water creates the ultimate sensory experience with hair and scalp health at its core,” says Katie.” Creating a separate area in the salon to deliver this treatment will also elevate the sense of luxury and exclusivity, while commanding a higher price point, which is great for business.” Products that help your salon to introduce the Original Japanese Head Spa experience are available exclusively from Takara Belmont.


• Present it as a service combining a head massage and mist treatment

• Create a ‘Mist Hydration Boost’ service that repairs hair and enhances colour

• Launch promotions such as a ‘Summer Repair Mist Treatment’ to combat sun damage       and dry, brittle hair

• Offer treatment packages for events such as holidays and weddings

• Present the Spa Mist II during consultations along with introductory offers

• Cross promote with retail products that complement the service

• Create VIP experiences and private appointments to increase exclusivity


Get the Look

Create the head spa experience in your salon


  1. Yume Espoir ESL
    Featuring advanced motorised technology that defines Takara Belmont’s prestige Yume Series, Yume Espoir delivers comfort and luxury in a compact format that's perfect for salons of all sizes. Elevate every backwash experience and expand your service menu. 
    Price: £6,000-£6,995

  2. Spa Mist II
    This compact, highly functional and versatile mobile processor actively enhances the condition, health and well-being of the hair and scalp, while giving salons the scope to introduce enhanced colour services, and hand and nail conditioning treatments.
    Price: £2,300

  3. Head Bath
    Head Bath attaches to the Yume basin to enhance every client encounter while increasing the value of treatments by actively improving scalp health and well-being.

* The Yume, Yume DX, Yume Noble and Yume Espoir are compatible with Takara Belmont’s Head Bath accessory

This is a sponsored feature in collaboration with Takara Belmont. 

Charlotte Grant-West

Charlotte Grant-West

Published 02nd Jul 2024

Charlotte oversees the print magazine, website and social media channels at HJ. With over a decade of experience as a journalist, Charlotte was formerly Editor of Modern Barber and HJ Men, Social Editor at Netmums and Features Writer at Boots Health & Beauty magazine. She loves any products that make her hair bigger and more voluminous, and loves a behind-the-scenes peek at anything hair-related – whether it's a factory tour, BTS on a shoot or backstage at fashion week.

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