What is the Bakhoor Burner Hairbrush?

Published 01st Jun 2024 by Talana Sodiwala

Cultural haircare rituals have always shaped the hair industry and continue to inspire new treatments and services. Bakhoor hairbrushes are having a moment online and on social media (at present there are 265k tags for #bakhoor), so we wanted to explore the heritage of this sensorial practice and we'd love to hear from salons and stylists who use Bakhoor in their businesses. 

What is the Bakhoor burner hairbrush?

"Bakhoor" refers to the burning of aromatic woodchips, typically Agarwood, which are infused with musk, floral oils and sandalwood. A Bakhoor hairbrush infuses hair with fragrance via a rechargeable electric incense burner that sits above a comb or brush. Huda Kattan, founder of Huda Beauty, stocks Bakhoor and has recently been featured in a video advertising the 'burner brush', but here at HJ we would love to know if you are using anything similar in your salons or businesses?

How Did Bakhoor Originate?

Bakhoor was first used by Arabic tribes thousands of years ago to scent the air and deter insects. The Egyptians later adopted Bahkoor, believing it not only masked odours but also warded off demons and bad spirits.

Why Use a Bakhoor Hairbrush in Your Salon?

Incorporating the Bakhoor burner hairbrush into your salon services can offers clients a unique, personalised scent and experience. 

*Do you offer Bakhoor in your salon or services, we'd love to hear from you to inform our article.*

Talana Sodiwala

Talana Sodiwala

Published 01st Jun 2024

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