Average hair product spend reaches £28,000

Published 30th Jul 2014 by rachael
Average hair product spend reaches £28,000 Average Hair Product Spend Reaches £28,000 The average hair product spend for style-conscious Brits has reached a whopping £28,000 over the course of an average lifetime. Women will happily spend around £460 a year on shampoo, conditioner and styling products, according to a new poll by money-saving site, PromotionalCodes.org.uk. This amounts to a massive £28,520 over the course of a lifetime, from the ages of 18 to 80, on products alone – enough to pay for a world cruise. The biggest expense is a good shampoo and conditioner, which alone total £150 a year. Intensive hair masks and repair treatments come in at an additional £60. Styling products were also big expenditure, with up to £80 spent on hairspray and a further £80 on other fixing products like waxes, gels and clays. Those questioned spent approximately £50 a year on oils and serums, with a further £40 on heat protector spray to keep their locks looking luscious. Questioned on how long they actually spend doing their hair, the women polled admitted to taking ten minutes to shampoo and condition their locks, with a further half an hour on blow-drying and styling each day. Over the course of a year, this basic hair care amounts to six days. Just over one in five, 20% confessed they didn’t wash their hair every day, with 14% claiming that once they’d styled their barnet that would be it for the rest of the day. Out of those polled, 30% said they gave their hair a regular conditioning treatment, on average once every fortnight with 41% claiming they deep-treated their locks once every couple of months. A spokesperson for PromotionalCodes.org.uk said: "Good, professional hair care products can be pricey, however, looking and feeling good is really important, so spending that amount of time and money on your hair is understandable." Results in full - cost of styling products a year Shampoo and conditioner, £150 Intensive hair mask /repair treatment, £60 Hairspray, £80 Other styling products, £80 Oils and serums, £50 Heat protector, £40 TOTAL = £460


Published 30th Jul 2014

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