Are Vivids And Brights Here To Stay? The New Normal For Hair Colour

Published 04th Sep 2020 by akesha
Are vivids and brights here to stay? the new normal for hair colour As more of your clients stream in for their post-lockdown glow up you might have noticed an uptake in vivid and bright hair colour services. Whether it's due to the fearlessness that living through a pandemic brings or the longing to brighten spirits, many salons are seeing clients opt for a new eye-catching hue.

Bright hair colour is leaping off of Instagram

Vivids have been pawed over in social media platforms like Instagram for years but non-traditional hair colour is seen less frequently in real life. However, with the pandemic, the movement seems to be moving into real life, something that colourists are truly excited about. It's something that Suzie McGill, international artistic director at Rainbow Room International has noticed within her clientele since re-opening. "Clients have been so used to the same hair colour for a number of months and are ready to switch this up and opt for something completely different," she says. "With many clients now working at home it also allows them to be more experimental with their colour, adding in hints of colour throughout the hair or opting for something more bold and bright that they would not normally be able to go for in their office based jobs," continues Suzie. bright hair colour rri grey and yellow And while bright colour services are normally modelled on younger clients, Suzie points out that actually it's the grey and more mature clients that are experimenting too. "Older clients are also being more experimental, embracing their grey and adding more silver tones to their hair. The lockdown period was such a challenging time for many people and I think a lot of clients are loving coming into the salon for bolder colours that will put a smile on their faces and their loved ones faces."

Traditional technique, untraditional colour

Just because you're applying a bright new hue for your client it doesn't mean they only want a global colour application. Using techniques like balayage or chunky highlights adds a nuance and individuality to each look. "For clients stuck between a couple of different vivid shades, balayage has also been a great technique to suggest, mixing two contrasting shades to create a beautiful blend. It really is a great time for clients to live out their rebellious hair colour fantasies and try out a colour they’ve always dreamed of trying," says Suzie.

Hue do you think you are?

So, what are the key shades for those that are looking to experiment? Some of the most popular hues we are seeing are on the warmer side of the spectrum. Sunshine yellow, mandarin orange and firecracker red are a few of the go-to shades seen at Rainbow Room International. bright hair colour rri

Don't forget the aftercare

With vivids, because pre-lightening the hair is a must, you have to be diligent with replenishing moisture and emphasising the importance of aftercare. Suzie says: "When discussing these colours and styles with your clients, of course the condition of the hair is the most important aspect of the colour change and ensuring that as little damage as possible is being done to the hair. We always make sure to recommend our clients to include a treatment like Schwarzkopf Fibreplex in their hair colour service or have a hair treatment after the colouring process to ensure hair is in as best condition as possible and has shine." blue hair rri And if this is the clients first foray into the world of brights it's important to drill home the upkeep it requires, "It's important to discuss with the client the maintenance the hair colour will need. Bright hair requires upkeep with the help of colour saving shampoos that will keep the hair colour looking as vibrant as possible," warns Suzie. Watch our HJ Goes Live video on How to Up your Pastel Game HERE All images courtesy of Rainbow Room International


Published 04th Sep 2020

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