Salon hygiene crucial to 72% of women, survey says

Published 21st May 2015 by rachael
Salon hygiene crucial to 72% of women, survey says Salon Hygiene Crucial to 72% of Women, Survey Says Salon hygiene levels are important to 72% of women, according to new research from Easydry - with a further 65% adding they'd leave their salon if they knew they didn't use fresh towels every time. The 'Throw in the Towel' study was commissioned by Easydry to find out how much clients knew about salon hygiene - and the damage that could be done to business by a lapse in standards. The survey revealed;
  • Salon hygiene is important to 72% of women and 57% of men
  • Only 12% of people surveyed were aware that some salons just tumble-dry towels between clients
  • 13% had experienced smelly towels in their salon
  • 65% would leave their salon if they found out they were reusing unwashed towels
  • 86% were concerned about contagious scalp conditions from previous clients
Easydry was founded 10 years ago to create the world's first single-use, biodegradable salon towel. Founder and CEO Anne Butterly says:
Cotton towels harbour germs in damp salon environments. The only way to eradicate most germs and bacteria is the use of detergent and a high temperature wash cycle for each towel after use. However, this is seen as being time-consuming and costly in a salon. In this highly competitive market, a salon's good reputation is their equity and the standards which clients expect are higher than ever. Rather than simply concentrating on reducing costs, salons should focus on improving the client experience and the standards they offer. Easydry allows salons to do this.
See what some of the women surveyed had to say about salon hygiene in the video below!


Published 21st May 2015


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