Meet tariq howes, hj's men's afro stylist of the year 2016

Published 02nd May 2017
Meet tariq howes, hj's men's afro stylist of the year 2016 I got into barbering by chance. After I left school my mum sent me to the job centre where I saw an opportunity at a popular chain of barber shops. I always spent time in barbershops, I thought it could be a cool place to work and it turned out my aunty was friends with the owner’s niece, so I think that helped me out getting the job. After training I stayed at the shop where I did my apprenticeship for a while, then left to work in a shop with a more Afro/Asian-based clientele to help enhance my skills on different hair types. While working there I built on my classic barbering skills, learnt how to fade different ways, learnt about the difference in the types of hair textures, growth patterns and so on. I take inspiration from a lot of people in the industry including my good friend and fellow member of the Young Feds, Danny Robinson. His work and general flair when it comes to barbering is amazing. Also, fellow Young Fed Josh Lamonica - his skill set is unreal and has no limit and when you look at what he's achieved, both as a successful salon owner and in education, its truly inspiring. There are different skills needed when cutting Afro hair compared to Caucasian hair. Free-hand scissor work is essential when creating Afro shapes; also, free hand clipper work, with no guards on the clippers, is a vital skill to learn. These are two techniques you rarely use when cutting other types of hair. Longer styles are coming back into hair in general and the same goes for Afro hair.  Men are being more experimental and not scared to take risks. The big round Afro has made a popular comeback, alongside the high top. Another very popular trend is the braiding of the hair on top with shorter cleaner sides. Some of the patterns that can be created with braids are unbelievable - it's a fusion of hairdressing and barbering coming together Winning HJ’s Men’s Afro Stylist of the Year couldn't get any better for me. Anybody who knows me knows I have a special place for Afro hair. A lot of my friends have Afro hair and when training they used to let me cut their hair. I do pride myself on being an all-round barber but I can't shy away from my enthusiasm for Afro hair.

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