Legal Advice For Hairdressers Working From Home

Published 02nd Dec 2018 by akesha
Legal advice for hairdressers working from home Working from home and turning a room in your house into a mini-salon may sound like a great business idea - but it's not as straightforward as it sounds. There are a number of factors to consider, as legal expert Julian Sampson explains.

Hairdressers Working from Home - Things to Consider

Your property deeds
Is there a restriction on your deeds preventing you from operating a business from the property? If there is, then that is not necessarily the end but you should take advice on the likelihood of enforcement.
While you should contact a specialist broker for your salon insurance requirements, you should also have a conversation with your existing home insurer.
By operating a business from the property you may invalidate your existing arrangements. For instance, if you had to claim on a personal matter, you could find you are not covered by your existing insurance package.
Bear in mind that running a business from your home will probably mean you are breaching the terms of your mortgage and as such the lender could call in the loan, and could also increase your rates.
Health and safety 
Ensure you have a specialist consultant attend your property and review the areas of concern like storage of equipment, access and client safety.
If you are operating a business for the first time, then it may pay to get some simple accountancy advice on registering with the Inland Revenue for tax and National Insurance contributions, whether you operate as a company or in your own name, and whether you may need to be VAT registered in the future.
Leasing and equipment
If you use finance for equipment purchases, ensure you are given full copies of the finance agreements. If the supplier treats you as a business, this could mean you won't get the normal consumer protections offered by the Consumer Credit Act.
You should seek advice and always check the total charge for credit and that the terms of the arrangement is clear.


Published 02nd Dec 2018

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