I want that job! marvin francis

Published 12th Aug 2015 by rachael
I want that job! marvin francis I Want That Job! Marvin Francis One year on from winning BBC3's Hair, we caught up with Marvin Francis to find out more about his career so far. I decided to take part in Hair after a friend sent me a link to the competition.  I remember looking at it and thinking to myself that I could never win, so I put it to one side and forgot about it. Then, just before the closing date, I reconsidered and decided I had nothing to lose, so I entered. The show was an amazing experience. Until that point, I had never taken part in a hairdressing competition in my life. To participate in my very first competitive hairdressing event live on TV was incredibly scary; something that was only enhanced by the fact that I'm so passionate about hair. Luckily, Steve Jones, the host, was a funny guy. He made so many jokes that everything felt light-hearted, even when we were under pressure and working down to the wire. Denise and Alain were great teachers and judges too. I look back on the show with a mixture of feelings and emotions, but I would never trade the experience and how it has helped me with my confidence. Winning the first blockhead challenge was a highlight. I had to blunt cut the hair and finish it off with a blow dry. At the time, I couldn't blow dry at all. Somehow I managed to win and make a good impression on the judges too, which felt great and gave me a good start. It definitely gave me the thirst to win from the very beginning. Styling my mum for the final challenge was another highlight. I felt like I could push the boundaries a bit, because I knew she would do anything to help me win the competition. To be able to share the winning moment with her was the best feeling ever. She was so proud. The only thing I struggled with was being under the watchful eye of the cameras and the judges. I have never been critiqued on my work before; not to this level anyway. It was a very new experience but it definitely helped me to grow - both through the competition and in my career after the show. Attention to detail is now my motto. After the show aired and I was announced the winner, I started being recognized by people on the streets. The appreciation and support was incredible. Almost immediately after I won, I flew to Venice to work on the Diesel Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion show. It was amazing. I then went on to assist a well-known hairstylist on shoots with magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Hommes International, as well as campaigns with TRESemmé. I have now secured myself a job as the hairstylist for the House of Celeb Boutique advertising campaigns and I work with numerous celebrities and models as well. My recent work on TV came via a good friend who is a make-up artist.  They recommended me for a job working with E! Online, styling Dorothy Wang from Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. It was my first time doing TV work like it. There were lots of early morning calls, but it was definitely worth it. She is such a nice person and I would definitely work with them again. Social media has been a huge benefit to my career. It has helped me to elevate my platform in the hair industry by showcasing my work and getting people's feedback. I have been able to build my client base through social media and it has also helped me establish a few of my celebrity clients. Social media can reach millions of people worldwide if used effectively, but you can't just rely on that and nothing else. Your clients and the people you work with are your biggest advert and word of mouth is still very powerful. Networking is the key to being a success in this industry. What's next? Following on from the launch of my hair extension range, I am planning to produce a range of haircare products and styling tools. I am also in talks about a Hair By Him UK salon in London. It won't just be a hair salon, but a 'one stop shop' where people can come and spend the day getting pampered and making themselves feel good.


Published 12th Aug 2015

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