How to become a sustainable hair salon

Published 20th Apr 2021 by eleanor
How to become a sustainable hair salon Want to become a more sustainable hair salon? Discover how L’Oréal Professional Products can help you to become more savvy on sustainability.

How to Become a Sustainable Hair Salon

Sustainability in the salon has never been more important. Taking positive steps towards being more eco-friendly will help you do your bit for the planet and will attract clients to your salon who align with your sustainable values. L’Oréal Professional Products division has a number of initiatives to help you make a difference to the planet. L’Oréal Professional Products is aiming for all L’Oréal sites to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, and 73% of L’Oréal Professional Products brands are made in carbon neutral plants*.

The L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy Series

The L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy Series is here to help you upskill in sustainable practices. The team will help equip and empower you and your salon team to make more sustainable choices, whilst having the power to influence client choices. The L’Oréal Salon Emotion program takes a 360-degree approach to sustainability. It covers water, waste, energy, carbon emissions, salon furniture and much more. L’Oréal Salon Emotion is hosting exclusive Sustainability Savvy Salon Emotion Talks. The first one featured its partnership with Green Salon Collective, a progressive company that enables salons to recycle the previously unrecyclable. More L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy Talks will be coming soon. "The L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy series showed me it isn't difficult to make positive changes. We collect foil and metal to be cleaned and recycled. Our biodegradable towels are turned into compost, and we recycle everything we can. We also collect chopped hair and send it off to create a netting that's used to save animals from oil spillages at sea," says Daniel Lee, Hair by Daniel Lee salon owner. "For me, sustainability is hugely important and something we absolutely must consider when looking at how we un the business. We have been working with Green Salon Collective for some time and they help us with recycling materials and packaging in truly sustainable ways," says Adam Reed, Adam Reed London, L’Oréal Salon Partner.

How is L’Oréal Professional Products Innovating in Sustainability?

L’Oréal Professional Products (including L’Oréal Professionnel Paris, Redken, Kérastase, Pureology, Matrix, Shu Uemura, Biolage and Pulp Riot), is part of the L’Oréal Group, which has made a number of commitments to sustainability. In 2020 L’Oréal launched its L’Oréal For The Future Program, announcing bold sustainability targets for 2030, which all brands will play a part in, including ambitions such as by 2025, 100% of L’Oréal plastic packaging will be refillable, rechargeable, recyclable or compostable and by 2025 all L’Oréal sites will have achieved carbon neutrality.** In fact, 73%* of L’Oréal Professional Products brands are already made in carbon neutral plants. In 2020, the L’Oréal Group also unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show an exciting ‘L’Oréal Water Saver’ – a device that is designed to reduce water use by 80% in salons at the backwash. Check out L’Oréal Salon Emotion Sustainability Savvy on Access at * L’Oréal Professional Products, 2019 Annual Report ** L’Oréal for the Future 2020 This is a sponsored article by L’Oréal Professional Products as part of our Sustainability Week.


Published 20th Apr 2021


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