11 incredible salon reception desk ideas

Published 17th May 2015 by rachael
11 incredible salon reception desk ideas 11 Incredible Salon Reception Desk Ideas What is the very first thing clients do when they come into a salon? That’s right, they approach a reception desk to confirm their booking. A reception desk is something that is in virtually every salon - something that the clients expect and gravitate towards. Yet, it is the one area that we look at as more of a necessity than an opportunity. You see, a salon reception desk can tell a lot about a business. The style, the size and the cleanliness all go towards giving clients a glimpse of what their time spent in your care will be like. Think of it as a visual promise to the client that they are in the right hands. If done right, a truly stand-out salon reception desk can help create a magical experience for your clients (and also encourage them to take photos to share with their peeps, peers & colleagues). WIth that in mind, we have combed the universe for some of the very best, most unique and downright stunning salon reception desks that simply wow clients upon arrival. Some fantastic salon reception desk ideas, right? It is amazing how a unique reception desk can really transform an entire salon or spa. One thing to remember when choosing the right desk is to make sure that it is in keeping with the overall tone of your business. If your place is elegant and modern, make sure the desk fits its surroundings. If you have a funkier, DIY style then, perhaps, a more homemade reception desk is the one for you. Whichever way you go, just remember that this will be the first port-of-call a client will hit when coming through your doors. Let’s make it a memorable one! Interested in maximising your salon’s true potential? Why not request a demo of Phorest's salon software today? Simply click through to find out more! galleryWidgetDec14


Published 17th May 2015

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