Are your clients considering the hime haircut?

Published 21st Jun 2022
Are your clients considering the hime haircut? The Hime haircut has caught everyone's attention on TikTok, but what should your clients know before they consider the cut? We've seen seventies haircuts like the mullet make a comeback in the last few years, hand-in-hand with various spin-offs such as the shag and the wolf cut, so it's no surprise that another statement seventies cut, the Hime, would make a comeback - even Cher was rocking the look in the late sixties. Cher hime The Hime (Japanese for Princess), is thought to have originated from the hairstyles of noblewomen in the Heian period in Japan but has more recently been resurrected by models at the Prada spring Ready to Wear Collection in 2021, as well as pop-rock sisters, Haim. The look soon went viral on TikTok and in a post-lockdown world, it looks like clients are keen to try something new. Haim hime

What should clients know?

First things first, the Hime haircut is a bold choice which demands upkeep, particularly for those with textured or thicker hair. That being said, no matter the hair type clients will need to rely on heat tools to achieve the sleek look this cut demands. This hairstyle, which quickly made the leap from runway to real life, has straight, side-locks which sit at cheek-level with variations including a blunt fringe or a middle parting for a 70s style. The rest of the hair is cut, albeit left long and straightened, to give that desired glossy finish. Clients should therefore be prepared for regular trims of their side-locks and fringe in order to hold the shape that defines this cut. Not to mention incorporating a haircare regime to protect their glossy locks from the damage of heat tools. Check out our tips for clients who are considering the buzzcut.

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